The Art World Mourns Herbert Wigwe (Art X Lagos & SMO Contemporary post condolences)

The Art World Mourns Herbert Wigwe 

(Art X Lagos & SMO Contemporary publish condolences)

In the wake of the tragic loss of Herbert Wigwe, CEO of Access Holdings, his profound impact on the art world resonates deeply. A passionate connoisseur and collector of both indigenous and foreign artwork, Herbert Wigwe's untimely passing leaves a void in the African art space.

His unwavering support for the arts, evident through initiatives like ArtX Lagos, has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Nigeria and beyond. As the first patron to believe in the vision of ART X Lagos, Wigwe's legacy as a pillar of support for creativity and cultural elevation is unparalleled.

L-R, Chizoba Wigwe, Kehinde Wiley and Herbert Wigwe (Image credits: Kehinde Wiley)

ArtX Lagos eloquently captures the sentiment shared by art lovers and enthusiasts worldwide, expressing profound gratitude for Wigwe's exceptional contributions:

"Dr. Herbert O. Wigwe was the first patron to believe in the vision of ART X Lagos, and he became our greatest supporter over the years, through the institutions he led – Access Bank and Access Holdings. There are no words to adequately explain who he was to us, or to express our profound gratitude for the phenomenal support he gave to the arts and culture community across Nigeria and Africa, as well as his remarkable contribution to the elevation of the African narrative."

As we mourn the loss of a visionary leader and patron of the arts, we honor Herbert Wigwe's enduring legacy and commitment to advancing the cultural vibrancy of our continent. May his passion for art continue to inspire generations to come.

SMO Contemporary, in a befitting tribute, celebrated the late Herbert Wigwe as a legendary champion. The organization expressed admiration for his incredible energy, vision, inspirational leadership, and profound love for life and art, also affirming that these qualities will forever radiate like a beacon.


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