About Us

Tugis Art Studio is currently a one-man studio/gallery owned by the West African Artist; Ife’ka Terry (who has over 20 years of professional practice and at one time was a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist, Bauchi Branch). The studio was founded in Bauchi State in North-Eastern Nigeria, properly approved and registered by the Cooperate Affair Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the reference number BA3653 (CRBN 090617).

The current mission of this website is to show case high quality ORIGINAL contemporary African art at cheap giveaway prices. If you are reading this right now, I am very sure you might regret not picking one of these art twenty years from now (due it's current high-value, current affordability and, it's projected monitory value in the future). By purchasing from this website, you are also supporting the works and dream of a struggling African artist.

Affordable True African Art
Samples of old artworks by Ife'ka Terry



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