Wike Has Plans To Contest Against Tinubu In 2027 ~ Dan Nwanyanwu Allege

 Wike Has Plans To Contest Against Tinubu In 2027, Dan Nwanyanwu Alleges, Tells Tinubu To Get Ready.


In a recent video, Dan Nwanyanwu delivered a striking message to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to be cautious in his dealings with Nyesom Wike, the current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). According to Nwanyanwu, Wike has his sights set on the 2027 presidential election and is positioning himself to challenge Tinubu.

Nwanyanwu emphasized that President Tinubu should not rely on Wike's current support, as it is merely a stepping stone for Wike's own ambitions. "If the problem is about 2027, the person you should do business with is Governor Siminalayi Fubara," he advised. Nwanyanwu suggested that Fubara, not Wike, is the key political player in Rivers State whom Tinubu should consider aligning with.


Highlighting Wike's political maneuvers, Nwanyanwu predicted that Wike would step down from his ministerial role by late 2025 or early 2026 to focus on his presidential campaign. "Take it to the bank," he asserted, predicting Wike's run for the presidency with confidence. Nwanyanwu cited Wike's numerous speeches and actions as evidence of his unwavering commitment to his political aspirations.


Nwanyanwu cautioned President Tinubu about the potential consequences of Wike's actions in Rivers State, warning that the ongoing political tensions could escalate and impact Tinubu's presidency. He pointed out that Wike’s involvement in Rivers politics has historically led to instability, which could extend to Abuja and beyond. "The FCT Minister should face his work here and should not ignite a crisis in Rivers that will consume all of us," Nwanyanwu urged.


Reflecting on his own experiences, Nwanyanwu expressed frustration with Wike’s behavior, accusing him of disrespect and arrogance. He criticized Wike's recent comments about a 70-year-old female senator from the FCT, illustrating Wike's lack of decorum. "You cannot decide who will be senator in Abuja. Abuja voters will decide that," Nwanyanwu stated firmly.


Nwanyanwu's message is a clear call to action for President Tinubu to reassess his alliances and be wary of Wike’s long-term plans. He urged the President to maintain peace in Rivers State and avoid fueling political fires that could have far-reaching consequences for the entire nation. "Mr. President, we should be careful with Rivers. It may consume us and this democracy," Nwanyanwu concluded.




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